Evaluating Supply and Demand Tools and Methodologies

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Evaluating Supply and Demand Tools and Methodologies

Principal Investigator:

Kelly S. Mikelson, Ph.D.


Texas Workforce Investment Council, Texas Workforce Commission

Project Duration:

March 2014 – July 2014


A Ray Marshall Center research team, led by Dr. Christopher King and Dr. Kelly Mikelson, are conducting research for the Texas Workforce Investment Council (TWIC) designed to assess currently available workforce supply/demand planning tools in order to help workforce programs and community and technical colleges in Texas to more effectively plan their program offerings. The project objectives are to:
  • Assess the capabilities and availability of supply/demand planning tools used in Texas, with special attention to the ability of these tools to effectively anticipate occupational shortages, enabling community and technical colleges to more effectively plan program offerings to meet the demands for technically skilled graduates in an ever changing Texas labor force.
  • Determine the way in which these tools are being used, and what groups are using them.
  • In consultation with tool users, develop recommendations to improve the practical value of planning tools, whether by making changes to the existing tools or developing new tools.
  • In making recommendations, consider the inclusion of a prospective look at occupational demand and accounting for student mobility within the state.
The project will result in a final report and recommendations to TWIC in July 2014.

Reports Available:

Estimating Labor Demand and Supply in Texas: How Planning Tools and Data are Used

Authors: Kelly S. Mikelson, Matt Giani, Christopher T. King, Amna Khan
Date: July 2014
Publication Type: Final Report, 98pp


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