An Evaluation of Local Investments in Workforce Development for Austin - Christopher King

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An Evaluation of Local Investments in Workforce Development for the City of Austin
Principal Investigators: Christopher T. King
Sponsor: City of Austin, Health and Human Services Department
Project Duration: July 2006 - April 2007

The City of Austin makes numerous investments in workforce development activities each year with local tax dollars, primarily emphasizing longer-term training and support services, offerings that have typically been constrained under federal program rules. The City has asked the Ray Marshall Center to conduct an evaluation of these activities. The evaluation is organized into two areas of focus: (1) the Rapid Employment Model project, and (2) other workforce development services.

Rapid Employment Model

The Rapid Employment Model (REM), a collaborative effort of Travis County, the City, WorkSource-The Greater Austin Workforce Board and area workforce service providers, aims to decrease the time that disadvantaged/indigent residents are out of work through partnerships with employment and training providers to connect these individuals to jobs and opportunities for career advancement.

Process Evaluation: The process evaluation will document REM implementation. Service and training providers will be profiled to provide an overall picture of who they serve; what services/training they provide; typical client flows; and other information deemed relevant to the study.

Outcomes Evaluation: The outcomes evaluation will document the results of participation, including the number of clients served; the number completing training and related services; the number placed in employment; wages earned; and other outputs/outcomes determined largely through linked administrative data. It also seeks to validate outcomes data now reported by individual service providers to WorkSource and the City.

Other Workforce Development Services

As resources allow, the evaluation will also examine the impact of the City’s investments in other workforce development services, including: services to youth, support services such as child care, and collaborative activities.

Reports Available: Local Investments in Workforce Development: Initial Evaluation Findings (December 2007). Tara Carter Smith, Christopher T. King, Daniel G. Schroeder. Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, The University of Texas at Austin. 43pp.
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