Manufacturing Skills Initiative - Robert W. Glover and Christopher T. King

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Manufacturing Skills Initiative
Principal Investigators: Robert W. Glover, Christopher T. King
Sponsor: WorkSource: The Greater Austin Workforce Development Board
Research Partners: CommunitySync, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Project Duration: March 2007 - December 2007

The Ray Marshall Center is conducting research on the future of manufacturing in the Greater Austin Area, in collaboration with industry and community representatives. The goal of the project is to facilitate economic development and to alleviate any identified critical skills shortages in Austin’s manufacturing industries. A key focus of the project is skilled and technician occupations.

The project collaborates with interested employers in the selected manufacturing industries to verify the shortages, examine root causes, and seek practical solutions to alleviate the potential shortages.

Project results will be documented in a Critical Skills report for three selected manufacturing industries, including sections on contributing factors and root causes of the shortages, and solutions tailored for each manufacturing industry as well as cross-industry recommendations for action. The solutions analysis will also assess the applicability of existing E-learning systems in training delivery. The end result for Central Texas should be improved productivity for employers, as well as enhanced labor market success for area residents.

Reports Available: Manufactuting Skills Initiative (December 2007). Robert W. Glover, Suzanne Hershey. Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, The University of Texas at Austin. 87pp.

Ray Marshall Center

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