TANF, Unemployment Insurance, and the Safety Net - Daniel Schroeder

TANF, Unemployment Insurance, and the Safety Net
Principal Investigator: Daniel Schroeder
Sponsor: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Project Duration: June 2007 - April 2008

This project presents a revised analysis plan to investigate linkages between Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Unemployment Insurance (UI). Using administrative data from a group of four large states, this study extends our understanding about the use of UI by recent TANF leavers. Data from the following states are analyzed: Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Texas.

Samples from all four states will be analyzed for 2000 TANF receipt cohorts. These samples include TANF recipients in calendar year 2000 who exit from TANF for employment by the first calendar quarter of 2001. Analysis will be conducted on earlier and later TANF exit cohorts as data is available for other states. The two alternative TANF exit time frames are: (1) TANF receipt 1997Q2 to 1998Q1 and exit by 1998Q2, and (2) TANF receipt 2002Q1 to 2002Q4 and exit by 2003Q1.

Based on data for the Florida 2000 cohort, this report presents a blueprint for analysis of all cohorts by presenting tables and charts to answer questions posed in the draft analysis plan. The sections and sub-sections of this revised analysis plan correspond to the overview of research questions listed in Table 1. An overview of data available to investigate these research questions is given in Table 2.

Analysis of UI and TANF use is primarily based on data provided through the Administrative Data Analysis and Research (ADARE) consortium.1 Additional data for this project was provided directly to the Upjohn Institute by some states. Data for Michigan was provided to the Institute outside ADARE.

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