Texas Middle and High School Counselor Demand/Supply


Principal Investigator:

Greg Cumpton, MPA


Texas Education Grantmaker Advocacy Fund, Austin Community Foundation

Project Duration:

March 2014 - Septmeber 2014


High school counselors have the potential to play a critical role in promoting students’ high school completion and college readiness. The Texas Legislature has frequently recognized the importance of counselors in delegating important responsibilities to them, most recently in the case of House Bill 5 in regards to counselors’ assisting students in understanding and choosing curricular pathways, graduation plans, and endorsements. However, the legislative cuts to educational appropriations in 2011 appear to have reduced the supply of counselors in the state, possibly preventing the new curricular mandates in HB5 from being fully implemented. Despite the importance of counselors, limited research exists on factors that affect the supply of counselors and the effects of this supply on student outcomes. The purpose of this study is to analyze trends in the supply of counselors and the demand for their services, understood as trends in the student population, and to estimate the effects of counselors on students’ likelihood of finishing high school and enrolling in college. The study will specifically investigate whether students attending schools and districts that eliminated counseling staff as a result of the 2011 budget cuts fared worse than their peers in contexts where the student-to-counselor ratio was relatively maintained.

Reports Available:

Ray Marshall Center

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