Labor Market Research for the Workforce Potential Project – Christopher T. King & Robert W. Glover


Labor Market Research for the Workforce Potential Project

Principal Investigators:

Christopher T. King and Robert W. Glover


Austin Area Research Organization

Project Duration:

January 2012 – June 2012


The Workforce Potential Project, an initiative of the Social Equity Committee of the Austin Area Research Organization (AARO), aims to better align the local human capital supply and projected industry demand in support of economic growth in Central Texas.   WPP targets area residents 25 years and older with some postsecondary achievement to obtain an associate’s degree or certification that will enable them to qualify for high-demand, high-wage jobs offering opportunities for stable employment and career advancement.

AARO engaged the Ray Marshall Center to conduct in-depth labor market research, including identification and analysis of industry sectors and occupations meeting WPP criteria; to prepare of a range of return-on-investment estimates; and to synthesize findings and recommendations for improving and connecting skills, education, and training capacity with projected job opportunities for the target population.  The initial report, Workforce Potential Project: Analysis of Labor Market and Provider Capacity, presents the results of this collaborative research effort and provides a basis for advancing WPP toward implementation.

Reports Available:

The Workforce Potential Project: Analysis of Area Labor Market and Provider Capacity

Authors: Robert W. Glover, Dan O'Shea, Christopher T. King, Laura Stelling, and Richard Fonté
Date: September 2012
Publication Type: Report. 60pp.

Ray Marshall Center

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