Building a Next Generation Workforce Development System

Building a Next Generation Workforce Development System

Researcher(s):Evelyn Ganzglass, Neil Ridley, Martin Simon, Christopher T. King, Betty Jane Narver, and Carl Van Horn
September 2000
Ford Foundation
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Abstract: The current workforce development system has not kept pace with the changing economy and changing expectations for the role of education and training. In addition, there is a wide and growing gap between public workforce programs and private sector human resource practices. We believe the time is ripe for a fresh examination of the existing workforce development system. It is also time to define a vision for a next generation workforce system.


This discussion paper is a work in progress that:

  • Summarizes key features of the New Economy and the forces of change that have given rise to it;
  • Briefly characterizes existing workforce development programs in the United States;
  • Lays out a series of characteristics of a next generation workforce system;
  • Suggests possible strategies for building the workforce system of the future; and
  • Initiates a dialogue among key players in the workforce system, particularly the states and regions responsible for its implementation.

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