Texas Families in Transition/Surviving without TANF: A Preliminary Analysis of Families Diverted From or Leaving TANF

Researcher(s):Deanna Schexnayder, Daniel Schroeder, Laura Lein, David Dominguez, Karen Douglas, and Freddie Richards
Date Published:
March 2001
Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, The University of Texas at Austin

Abstract: Since welfare reform began, many states have been conducting studies to determine how these policy changes are affecting the families served by Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). In particular, states are interested in understanding whether former welfare recipients or those diverted from receiving TANF are employed or are receiving other types of economic supports. They also are interested in how many families are returning to welfare and the reasons for their return.

This preliminary report concentrates on answering the research questions: What are the characteristics of families who left or were diverted from TANF? To what extent are these families participating in other government programs, especially Medicaid and Food Stamps? To what extent are these families employed and/or receiving other economic supports, such as child support and child care?

The report summarizes results from initial analyses of administrative data files for families who were diverted from or left TANF from April 1998 through June 1999 and intensive interviews conducted between November 1998 and March 2000 with a sample of these families.


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