Factors Affecting Participation in Programs For Young Low-Income Fathers: Findings from the Texas Bootstrap Project

Researcher(s):Sarah Looney and Deanna T. Schexnayder
Date Published:
April 2004
Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, The University of Texas at Austin

Abstract: This is the first of two reports evaluating the Bootstrap Project, a program created as a supplement to the Texas Fragile Families
Initiative (TFF). The TFF program helped organizations around the state increase their capacity to serve young, low-income fathers. Bootstrap provided enhanced services to fathers so they could develop the necessary resources to become responsible parents who met the needs of their children.

Bootstrap administrators found that recruiting and enrolling fathers to participate in the Bootstrap Program occurred at a slower pace than initially anticipated. As such, RMC researchers were asked to expand the scope of their research to explore this phenomenon. This evaluation addresses the research question: What are the primary factors contributing to the low enrollments in the Bootstrap program? Findings from our impact analysis of Bootstrap will be discussed in a second report, Economic Impacts of Workforce Services for Young, Low-Income Fathers: Findings from the Texas Bootstrap Project, that will be available in the fall of 2004.


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Executive Summary (PDF)
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