Training Success Stories for Adults and Out-of-School Youth: A Tale of Two States

Researcher(s): Christopher T. King, Leslie O. Lawson, and Charles E. Trott
February 1998
Publication Type and
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Abstract: After reviewing the available evidence on the effectiveness of training for disadvantaged adults and youth, this report presents the findings and their implications for training policy and program operations based on research the authors conducted on Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) programs for adults and out of school youth in two large and diverse states, Illinois and Texas. The authors had long-term labor market performance data derived from Unemployment Insurance (UI) wage records, both pre- and post-program for JTPA programs in two states. Such data permitted the researchers to focus on local programs in each state which had attained some degree of longer term success, measured in terms of employment and earnings outcomes, for a significant share of its participants.

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