The Survey for Licensed Child Care Centers (LCCC)

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Below is a brief overview of the types of questions we ask in the Child Care Market Rate survey. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

  1. Hours of Operation and Holiday Schedule
    1. What are your hours of operation, M-F?
    2. Are you open on weekends? Hours?
    3. Do you offer drop-in care?
    4. How many days a year do you close for holidays? For personal vacation?
  2. Enrollment and Rates
    1. How many children are enrolled in your child care center?
    2. How many age groups do you have?
    3. What is the age range for each age group?
    4. How much do you charge for each age group (full-time and part-time rates)?
    5. Do you charge per day, per week, or per month?
    6. How many children are in each age group (full-time and part-time)?
    7. Do you have a waiting list for any of your age groups?
  3. Additional Charges
    1. Do you have a one-time registration fee? Yearly or semester fees?
    2. Do you charge an activity/supply fee?
    3. Do you provide regular transportation?
  4. Administrative Information
    1. Are you non-profit? If yes, do you provide rates on a sliding scale?
    2. Are you part of a local/regional chain, a national chain, or are you independently owned?
    3. Are you associated with a religious organization, YMCA/YWCA, a public/private school, or a military institution?
    4. Do you receive anything for a free or reduced price? If yes, please explain.
    5. Do you receive any donations? If yes, please explain.
  5. Accreditations
    1. Are you nationally accredited? If yes, what type (NAEYC, NAFCC, etc)?
    2. Are you part of the Texas Rising Star program? If yes, how many stars do you have?
  6. Closing
    1. Do you provide child care year-round?
    2. Does your facility have internet access?