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The downloadable maps on this page were produced in October, 2006 during a research project undertaken by the Center for Social Work Research at The University of Texas at Austin for the City of Austin (see research project page). The data was collected by the City of Austin staff during a needs assessment. An intentional slight distortion in exact locations of evacuees household was introduced to protect the confidentiality of research participants households.

If you intend to use this data, please use the following citation: Angel, R., Beausoleil, J., Bell, H., Connell, C., Hill, T., Lein, L. (2006). Katrina evacuees in Austin, Texas: Analysis of needs assessment data. Submitted to: The City of Austin (COA) Health and Human Services Department and the Entrepreneurs Foundation. Submitted by: The Center for Social Work Research, The University of Texas at Austin.

Maps of Evacuee Concentration
s in Austin, Texas

All Evacuees (pdf)

African American Evacuees (pdf)

Caucasian Evacuees (pdf)

Non-African American / Non-Caucasion Evacuees (pdf)

Female Heads of Household Evacuees (pdf)

Male Heads of Household Evacuees (pdf)

Evacuee Characteristics in Austin

Evacuees without Cars (pdf)

Evacuees beyond Bus Stops without Cars (pdf)

Employed Evacuees (pdf)

Unemployed Evacuees (pdf)

Regional Characteristics and Proximity

Regional Traffic Density (pdf)

Evacuees' Proximity to Area Hospitals (pdf)


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