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This website has been developed to dispel many of the fictitious ideas about older people. With the help of factual information and questions for reflection, you will be prepared to be a better caregiver. As you take the pop quizzes, use the information as it applies to you and/or your family member.

As the aging population grows, family caregiving becomes an increasingly necessary and familiar role. We are providing facts to frequently asked questions about how best to care for a family member, partner, friend, or neighbor. Because this site can only offer limited information, we hope you will also refer to suggested sources in the reference list as well as experts and resources in your community.

It is not unusual for caregiving to cause stress. When extra time for yourself does not help you return to a “balanced” feeling, remember there are professionals in your community to whom you turn. We hope the site points you in the right direction.

Quick Facts
Eighty-five percent (85%) of all health and social service care provided to older persons living in the community comes from family and friends. Families have been, and continue to be, both the major coordinators and providers of care.