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Feedback for Quality Improvement (FQI)

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The objective of this project, funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services, is to develop a system to enhance quality improvement of NorthSTAR, a Behavioral Healthcare network serving indigent and Medicaid clients in a seven-county service area in north Texas . Feedback will be obtained from the network's enrollees and direct treatment staff to assess the quality of the treatment processes as they occur and to measure the effectiveness of provider staffing and organization.

The project will utilize the TCU treatment process model (Simpson, 2000) as a framework for assessing processes and providing feedback using versions of TCU's Client Evaluation of Self in Treatment (CEST) form, the Survey of Organizational Excellence (SOF) form, and the Program Training Needs (PTN).

Instruments and feedback methods will be evaluated and adapted to the operational requirements and needs of the NorthStar providers and enrollees.

Project Affiliates

ValueOptions manages the NorthSTAR program for the state of Texas . They manage publicly funded mental health and substance abuse services for people who live in the NorthSTAR area (Collin, Dallas , Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro, and Rockwall Counties ). Licensed as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), ValueOptions manages programs for mental health and substance abuse services and is thus, known as a Behavioral Health Organization (BMO).

The Dallas Area NorthSTAR Authority (DANSA) is the oversight board and staff for the NorthSTAR program. DANSA is a unique local mental health authority created by the State of Texas with agreement of the seven counties of the NorthSTAR area.

Key Personnel

Department of State Health Services

Dallas Area NorthSTAR Authority

Pilot Advisory Panel

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