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Louisiana Access to Recovery II (ATR-II) Grant Project

Louisiana Office for Addictive Disorders


The Access to Recovery (ATR) program was created as a Presidential initiative to provide client choice among substance abuse clinical treatment and recovery support service providers, expand access to a comprehensive array of clinical treatment and recovery support service options, and increase substance abuse treatment capacity. ATR aims to include more community- and faith-based providers and to expand overall services. Key features of ATR are that individuals in substance abuse treatment have free choice of service providers and that recovery support services are provided during treatment to enhance the continuum of care. The State of Louisiana received its first ATR grant (ATR-I) from SAMSHA/CSAT in 2004. Based on the success of that 3-year grant project, the State decided to maintain the ATR-I program and continues to fund the program today.


In 2007, Louisiana was awarded a second ATR (ATR-II) grant of $13.4 million over a 3-year period. ATR-II will continue to provide client choice among substance abuse clinical treatment and recovery support services by allowing clients to choose from a comprehensive array of providers that includes both community- and faith-based programmatic options. In ATR-II, special emphasis and priority is placed on reaching adults and adolescents who are involved in the criminal justice system and methamphetamine users. However, ATR-II will be available to all Louisiana residents in the identified target areas who are deemed clinically and financially eligible for the program.


ARI has conducted an evaluation of the Louisiana ATR-II grant project to examine client outcomes. In addition, ATR-II client outcomes are compared to the outcomes of clients who received state-funded treatment services but did not participate in the ATR-II program. The lead evaluator for this project is Laurel Mangrum, Ph.D. The project director for the Louisiana ATR-II project is Charlene Gradney and the program administrator is Megan Moran.

The Effects of Participating in the Louisiana Access to Recovery (ATR) Program on Addiction Treatment Outcomes

The Louisiana Access to Recovery Project: Final Evaluation Report, Access to Recovery II: 2007-2010


The services provided in ATR-II are listed below:


Addiction Treatment

Recovery Support


The following areas of Louisiana are targeted for ATR-II services:


Adolescent Target Areas


Adult Target Areas

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