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Substance Abuse Research Development Program
for Underserved Populations


The Substance Abuse Research Development Program at the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin focuses upon research involving ethnicity and psychosocial factors as they relate to strategies for improving drug abuse prevention and treatment (including treatment readiness/engagement, utilization, retention, and outcomes) for African Americans and Mexican Americans.

The Research Development Program focuses specifically upon substance abuse among underserved populations (particularly African-Americans and Mexican-Americans). The Program adopts a uniquely Social Work perspective, emphasizing factors at the individual, family, organizational, societal, and cultural level that influence substance abuse and substance abuse treatment. In particular, the Program will foster research that enhances our understanding of differences between ethnic groups in terms of causes of substance abuse and factors related to entering and completing treatment. The ultimate goal of the Research Development Program is to help to develop substance abuse interventions appropriate for specific populations.

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