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Substance Abuse Research Development Program
for Underserved Populations

Project Status and Funding

Funded Projects

Dorie Gilbert, Ph.D., Principal Investigator:
"Service Utilization Patterns among HIV+ Drug Users: The HIV Wellness Project"

David Springer, Ph.D., Principal Investigator:
"Factors Predicting Treatment Retention among High-Risk Mexican American and African American Juvenile Offenders"

Clayton Shorkey, Ph.D., Principal Investigator:
"Methods to Study Ethnicity and Faith-Based Treatment"

Developing Projects

Yolanda C. Padilla, Ph.D., Principal Investigator:
"Social Risk Factors Associated with Substance Abuse Among Gay and Lesbian Youth"

Lori K. Holleran, Ph.D., Principal Investigator:
"KO1 Award Application: Acculturation and Adolescent Drug Prevention"

Noel Busch, Ph.D., Principal Investigator:
"A Health Survey of Texans: A Focus on Sexual Assault Experiences"

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