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Substance Abuse Research Development Program for Underserved Populations

The Substance Abuse Research Development Program is the third program in the country to be funded as part of a NIDA initiative to stimulate the development of federally funded Social Work research on substance abuse. The Research Program focuses specifically upon substance abuse among underserved populations (particularly African-Americans and Mexican-Americans) and emphasizes factors at the individual, family, organizational, societal, and cultural level that influence substance abuse and substance abuse treatment.

The 5 year $2 million Research Development Program involves both research and training activities to develop substance abuse research among faculty and students in the School of Social Work and related disciplines. The Research Development Program, housed in the Center for Social Work Research, includes:

  • Funding of pilot studies, with mentoring by senior researchers and consultants to help faculty develop larger-scale federally funded projects.
  • An ongoing seminar/workshop series will also provide state of the art information regarding research methods, grant writing, and findings of current research in the field.

Two pilot projects have already been approved as part of the Program. Dr. Dorie Gilbert will be examining factors related to adherence to anti-retroviral therapy among HIV+ African-American and Mexican American substance abusers. Dr. David Springer is examining treatment retention among Anglo, African American and Mexican American substance abusing juvenile offenders. Other pilot projects involving spirituality in faith-based substance abuse treatment, substance abuse among gays and lesbians,  and brief interventions for minority substance abusers are being developed.

Be sure and check the schedule of our First Friday Seminar Series for upcoming workshops. Session notes are posted on the schedule when available.

New Course Syllabus:  "Treatment of Chemical Dependence with African-Americans and Mexican Americans (Clay Shorkey, Ph.D.)

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