Being with the Energy of Love and Forgiveness


Texas Monthly Slideshow: Being There

This is an audiovisual photo slideshow about Bridges to Life created by Texas Monthly photographer Sarah Wilson, who narrates the slideshow.  She talks about the stories of victims and volunteers.


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Meeting With a Killer-One Family's Journey

This is a documentary of Victim Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence. Lisa F. Jackson and nominated for an Emmy, this film details the journey of family members as they prepare to meet the man who murdered their daughter.


Linda White, whose daughter Kathy was abducted, raped and murdered

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Restorative Justice: Putting a Spotlight on Harm & the Personal Dimensions of Crime

Keynote presentation by Marilyn Armour, Ph.D. at the Dispute Resolution Spring Symposium, The University of Texas at Austin Law School.  Armour describes the philosophy and practices of restorative justice followed by comments from Ronnie Earle, former Travis County District Attorney, Mark Odom, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and John Sage, Bridges to Life.


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Restorative Justice: It's Elementary!

This is a Youtube DVD that shows a segment from a documentary film from Central Michigan Restorative Justice about the use of restorative justice in schools.


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From Hostility to Harmony

This Youtube DVD produced by the International Institute for Restorative Practices shows a facilitated restorative circle involving girls who recently fought each other in a violent brawl.

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Portraits of Restorative Justice

Produced by the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, this video features Judge Tracey McCooey from Montgomery County, Alabama. It focuses on specific cases and the relationship between restorative justice and criminal justice system.

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