Restorative Discipline
in Schools

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Resources to assist your school or district in thinking about implementing restorative practices.

RD in schools video photo of a boy

This video is used with the permission of San Francisco Unified School District Restorative Practices Program.


Restorative Discipline Resources

  • PDF icon Third Year Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Report
  • PDF icon Restorative Practices at a Charter K-3 Elementary School report
  • PDF icon Second Year Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Report Now Available
  • Word Document icon Restorative Discipline Best Practices handout
  • PDF icon Handout from TASSP - TEPSA Conference, June, 2014
  • PDF icon Minnesota Department of Education Restorative Interventions Implementation Toolkit - Tool for Assessing Readiness
  • Word Document icon Restorative Justice in School Communities: Successes, Obstacles, and Areas for Improvement, by Heather T. Jones. A critical analysis of school-based restorative justice programs.
  • PDF icon Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Evaluation: Implementation & Impact, 2012/2013, Sixth Grade, by Dr. Marilyn Armour
  • Word Document icon Ed White Restorative Discipline Teacher's Manual
  • PDF icon Los Angeles Unified School District: 2013 School Discipline Policy and School Climate Bill of Rights
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    Visit these websites for school districts engaged in Restorative Discipline.

  • Minnesota
  • San Francisco
  • Oakland, California
  • Denver