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Screen Rip32 - Screen Capture Utility (By Progency Software)

Screen Rip32 is a program that allows you to easily cut and paste images from any document. This can be used to capture charts and graphs from the Executive Summary for use in your own custom reports or presentations.

Although, we have used this program and not had any problems, please keep in mind that this is freeware. The Survey of Organizational Excellence does not support it, nor take responsibility for any damage it may cause. Some options (such as printing) may be nonfunctional or buggy. For more information on this software or the company - visit

Download Screen Rip32

Download Screen Rip32 Help File

Download Screen Rip32 Zipped File 
(includes both files)

Instructions for use: (see help file for detailed instructions)

1. Open the Executive Summary PDF file.
2. Double Click the SRip32.exe file.
3. Select the "Capture Image" menu and Select "Grab Rectangular Area".

4. The SRip window will disappear and your PDF file should appear.
5. Select the area which you wish to copy - a rectangular tool will indicate the area you are copying.


6. The image will appear in the SRip32 window. 

7. Use the Save options to create a picture file in the desired format.

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