This page is designed to serve as a checklist for the survey process.  The check list is divided into and linked to different sections (related topics are listed below each heading). If at anytime you have a question or a suggestion on how to improve this material, please click on the email address located on the bottom of the any page, and we will be happy to respond.

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The Survey of Organizational Excellence

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. .   Decision to participate
. .   Survey Contact Sheet returned to Survey Office
. .   Payment method selected and sent to Survey Office
. . Phase 1 - Basics finalized with Survey Office:
. .
Survey Administration Options
Distribution date
  Data collection period
  Survey format
  Return envelope option
  Address to deliver Survey Packets
. .   Survey instructions reviewed
. . Phase 2 - Finalizing customization options with Survey Office:
. .   Cover letter
      Organizational categories
.     Additional Items 
. .   Employee list formatted correctly and sent to Survey Office
. .   Executive Director notified employees of pending survey
. .   Employees notified and encouraged to participate in the Survey
. .   Survey Packets distributed through organization's mail system
. .   Employees are reminded of Survey prior to the due date
. .   Employees are notified that data collection period has ended.
. .   If collected in bulk, Surveys are returned to the Survey Office
. .   Hard copy reports reviewed
. .   Electronic data reviewed
. .   Summary and comparison reports prepared
. .   Results reported to employees; the change process begins

Last Update:  August 17, 2001
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