Higher Education Version

The Higher Education Survey of Employee Engagement was created in a partnership with institutional researchers, faculty, and staff from institutions of high learning. This survey is based on the established Survey of Employee Engagement, administered by the Institute for Organizational Excellence since 1979. The HESEE assists leadership by providing information about workforce issues ultimately impacting the quality of service delivered. With a rapid turnaround time, reports provide contemporary insights into the constructs capturing the total work environment.

Retain Your Most Valuable Assets

Faculty and Staff are the key to running successful programs. Addressing their concerns will help you hold on to the competent individuals who draw quality students and maintain quality programs.

Survey Framework

The survey is tailored specifically to fit the unique needs of the Higher Education community. The HESEE assessment is a framework that captures the campus workplace community and consists of 14 constructs and 5 climate areas. The constructs are designed to profile organizational areas of strength and concern so that interventions are targeted appropriately and strategically. For more information about our work within Texas, please click here.

Reporting and Analysis Across Institutional Divisions

Full color reports including analysis are provided for the institution as a whole, for Faculty/Staff comparisons, as well as for each college, unit, or department. For report examples, please click here.

Benchmarking and Accreditation

Benchmark data gives a practical way to measure performance against other institutions of higher learning. Internal and External benchmarks may help identify target issues on which to base intervention strategies.

Click here for a downloadable HESEE information page.

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