Standard Version

The Survey of Employee Engagement (formerly the Survey of Organizational Excellence) Standard Version is a tool utilized by both public and private organizations in an effort to continuously improve and meet the challenges of the future and to build quality and excellence in organizations. The SEE measures employees perceptions regarding their work and working conditions and provides data to assist organizational leadership in strategic planning and supports organizations:

  • as learning organizations
  • as organizations that innovate to meet new challenges
  • as organizations where each member participates fully
  • and as organizations mindful of vision and responsibility

The SEE is a tool to assist government and organizations in this vision of government, business, and citizenry continuing to grow strong through diversity, energy, and commitment.

The Standard Version of the SEE offers several benchmark categories, customization options and report features. For report examples, please click here. For more information about our work with Texas State Agencies, please click here.

For further information including a quote please contact us.

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