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The IOE has over 30 years of experience in working with Texas State agencies – through our various survey tools including the Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE), Customer Service Survey, and 360-Degree Survey – to facilitate improvement in their organizations, leadership and in their service to the citizens of the State as well in fulfilling their legislative and strategic planning requirements.

Employee Engagement

The Survey of Employee Engagement (formerly the Survey of Organizational Excellence) is a tool that began in Texas in 1979 during William Clements’ administration. We began the development of the Survey in response to Governor Clements’ interest in knowing more about how Texas State employees view working for the State. Our charge was to create an instrument that would assess the working climate of Texas State government from the perspective of the employee. As the SEE has been revised and updated over the past three decades, it evolved from simply a gauge of how employees feel about their work and working conditions to become a tool to build quality and excellence in organizations. The SEE is now an instrument utilized by both public and private organizations in an effort to continuously improve and meet the challenges of the future.

Following each regular legislative session, the IOE offers all State agencies assistance in fulfilling the requirements for an assessment of human resources. These requirements are outlined in the Legislative Budget Board’s and Governor’s Office of Budget, Planning and Policy’s “Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Agency Strategic Plans for Fiscal Years 2009-2013” (Appendix K).

Customer Service

The Customer Service (CS) Survey is an assessment tool and corresponding data collection procedure that assist your agency in delivering outstanding customer service and promoting excellence throughout your organization. Moreover, in using the CS Survey, your agency fulfills the expectations of the Customer Service Standards Act (Texas Senate Bill 1563, 1999). The CS Survey allows for comparisons over time and benchmarks between and within organizations. Our cost effective approach utilizes reliable surveying technologies and intellectual soundness necessary for a meaningful evaluation of customer service.

Where the Data Goes

Employee Engagement

Each biennium, the Institute for Organizational Excellence provides the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) with SEE data for all participating State agencies. The SAO uses this data as part of each agency’s Workforce Summary Document. These documents are provided to legislators prior to each legislative session.

The agency’s SEE results may be requested by and provided to the Texas Sunset Commission.

Customer Service

The CS Survey is tailored to meet the requirements of the Customer Service Standards Act by providing information that can be inserted directly into your strategic plan or reporting requirement.


Employee Engagement

Participation in the SEE fulfills the requirement for an assessment of Human Resources as called for in and as outlined in the “Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Agency Strategic Plans: Fiscal Year 2011–2015” distributed by the Governor’s Office of Budget, Planning and Policy and the Legislative Budget Board.

Customer Service

The Standard Customer Service Survey fulfills the requirement for Senate Bill 1563, the Customer Service Standards Act for State agencies and universities to gather information from customers regarding the quality of service delivered by that agency.
Senate Bill 1563 was passed in the 76th Session of the Texas Legislature. The legislation requires a number of things including:
•    A state agency must create an inventory of its external customers
•    A state agency must appoint a customer relations representative
•    A state agency must develop approved methods to gather data from its customers on dimensions such as: Access, serviceability and cleanliness of facilities; Staff courtesy, friendliness and knowledgeability; Telecommunications capability and quality; Website; Complaint handling process; Timely service; Adequacy and accuracy of printed information

Who Participates

IOE customers are public entities and institutions of higher education committed to improving their customer service as well as the utilization of their human resources as they continually improve their organization and adapt to the growing number of changes within the economy and culture.

Employee Engagement customers range in size and mission, from Texas Department of State Health Services to Texas Education Agency, from Texas Department of Criminal Justice to Texas A&M University System Offices, from Texas Department of Transportation to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
The SEE has special benchmark categories for Size, Mission and Higher Education.

Customer Service customers include but are not limited to Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, Texas Water Development Board and Executive Council on Physical and Occupational Therapy Examiners.


Numerous academic research articles and dissertations using IOE survey research data are found in Publications.

The IOE periodically produces white papers using survey data to delineate trends, geographical representations and findings.

The IOE has worked with several State agencies and institutions to develop best practices for administering the SEE, interpreting the data and developing intervention strategies. Downloadable version of best practices for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and University of Texas San Antonio Business Affairs are available here or by contacting our offices.

Dr. Michael L. Lauderdale’s Reinventing Texas Government, 1999, provides a detailed history of the SEE/SOE, how to use the survey, and how to apply its results to organizational change and improvement. The book provides real-life case studies and step-by-step instructions for planning, implementing, and evaluating the survey data.

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