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Identifying Your Customers

Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction
in the Public Sector
Dr. Katherine Selber

Process Model for Assessment



1finger.gif (2940 bytes)Create a Customer Service Task Force

1. Develop a customer satisfaction team within the agency
2. Designate a customer relations representative
3. Begin to discuss how the organization will use the results
4. Begin to communicate the intent of the customer satisfaction assessment to employees and major customers

Relate Vision, Mission,2fingers.gif (3046 bytes)  Strategic Planning

1. Develop common agreement of organizational mission, vision, goals, performance history, & needs
2. Identify key strategic areas for work

3fingers.gif (3174 bytes)Create the Existing
Customer Service Storyboard

1. Determine what data has been collected
2. Determine systems set up for collecting existing data
3. Collate existing data into easy to use picture
Define Customer4fingers.gif (3324 bytes) Groups for Identified Areas 1. Conduct focus groups for determining customers
2. Create list of customers to be surveyed/contacted
3. Develop & determine methodology to be used.

Prepare 5fingers.gif (3553 bytes)Assessment Items

1. Develop three sets of items- core items, items customized for area, demographics
2. Pilot & refine items
3. Plan for data collection
4. Train staff if needed
6fingers.gif (3186 bytes)Reevaluate Strategic Customer Service Plan 1. Collect Data
2. Analyze data
3. Understand results in terms of customer service at the operational level
4. Prioritize improvement plans
5. Communicate results inside organization
6. Develop "Compact with Texas’

Preparation of Reports
7fingers.gif (3233 bytes)

1. Inventory of customers
2. Overview of Methodology
3. Process of customer input
4. Results
5. Impact on service operations
6. Next steps

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