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Customer Service: An Overview

Thank you for visiting our Customer Service web site. This site provides information and addresses questions regarding the customer assessment of services provided by your organization.  Our objective is to develop both customer service assessment tools and corresponding data collection procedures that assist you towards delivering outstanding customer service and promoting excellence throughout your organization.  Moreover, we work towards fulfilling and/or exceeding the expectations of the Customer Service Standards Act (Texas Senate Bill 1563) by designing our processes to permit comparisons over time and benchmarks between and within organizations.   Our cost effective approach utilizes reliable surveying technologies and intellectual soundness necessary for a meaningful evaluation of customer service.   Let our experience with over 120 organizations and the assessment of  hundreds of thousands of individuals participating in the Survey of Organizational Excellence, work for your organization.

We have divided this site into distinct sections. An overview of each section is provided below.  If we can be of further assistance in this area, please contact us at anytime.  Our e-mail address is, phone (512) 471-9831 and our mail address is UT-Austin, Survey of Organizational Excellence, 1925 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin TX 78712.


Evaluating Customer Service

We offer three surveying strategies (web based, point of contact and mail) for the assessment of customer satisfaction. Most strategies are customizable for your organization's unique needs.  This page contains several levels of service which we can provide your organization.

Identifying Your Customers

Customer assessment begins with identifying your specific customer groups. We work with a group of consultants trained to assist organizations through the process of customer identification and customer service strategic planning.

Creating Organizational Excellence

Customer service is one aspect of creating an excellent organization. This page presents additional commentary and related references towards promoting exemplary customer service.

Reviewing the Legislation

The Customer Service Standards Act (Texas Senate Bill 1563), along with links to the analysis, history of the bill, and the LBB Strategic Planning Instructions are provided.

Recognizing Achievement "Texas Star Award"

The legislation provides for the opportunity to recognize organizations for exemplary customer service. We will continue to track the development of the Texas Star Award and post related information on our this page.

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