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Our Survey Services

    Surveying Options and Methodologies

    Various surveying options and methodologies are available to collect customer service data.  A comparison chart is provided on the Evaluating Customer Service Page.  The work we do is to provide a "turnkey" solution to complying with the Customer Service Standards Act and to provide you with meaningful and helpful information to improve customer service perceptions. 

    Survey Instruments

    Online Surveys can be linked from your website, published in your materials, and sent electronically to your customers. Various technologies are used to deploy online surveys.  Two examples of online surveys are available here: Online Survey 1 & Online Survey 2 & Online Survey 3. 

    Hardcopy Surveys are used when it is unsure if electronic access is available.  Our surveying system uses OMR (optical mark recognition) to input the survey data.  We also make available a web-based version for the hardcopy surveys in an effort to begin the process of migrating customers to web-based assessment.  Two examples of hardcopy surveys are available in pdf format: Hardcopy Survey 1 & Hardcopy Survey 2

    Survey Reports

    Our reporting process is twofold. The first is tailored to meet the requirements of the Customer Service Standards Act, by providing information that can be inserted directly into your strategic plan or reporting requirement.  Second, our reports provide detailed information on the various customer service dimensions that are measured.  An example of this for the Staff dimension is provided here: Example of Section of Customer Service Report.  For some organizations, it may be of interested to view customer service performance by region.  We have developed a Texas State Customer Service Profile Report to address this issue.

    About Us

    We are at the University of Texas at Austin and provide surveying services to over a hundred state agencies and institutions of higher education.  Our largest continuous project is the Survey of Organizational Excellence.  We also sponsor with the Office of the Governor the Governor's Conference on Organizational Excellence, Forum on Excellence, Customer Service Symposium, and provide data for selection of the Texas Star Award.  This link provides a list of our customer.  A brief summary of the staff and the technologies we use is provided in our Capability Statement.


    Fortunately being a state agency like you we fall under Chapter 2254, Professional and Consulting Services,  ( 2254.026. Contract With Consultant) and Chapter 771. Interagency Cooperation Act ( 771.003. Authority to Contract; Exceptions).  Pricing quotes are available on request by emailing or by phone (512) 471-9831. Prices vary depending on method of distribution and numbers of customer to be surveyed.  Additional information is available at our selecting services and options page. To obtain a quote, please contact our offices.

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