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Austin's Police & Fire Departments Recognized

Each semester The University of Texas participates in a unique academic and leadership program with several varsity athletes and faculty involving law enforcement and public services. This past year 75 athletes participated in classes serving many community resources and were able to learn side by side with police and firemen. The University of Texas presented an award of recognition and appreciation on September 21, 2002 at the football game to first responders in our local community.  Representing the faculty is (left to right) Darlene Grant, Noel Landuyt and Michael Lauderdale from the School of Social Work; representing the student body is Jeff Ontiveros, one of the 2002 National Baseball Championship Team members, and on the far right is Deginald Erskin, one of the captains of the “Sweet 16 Finalists” basketball team; representing the first responders is (second from the right) Assistant Chief Rick Coy of the Austin Police Department and (not pictured) Fire Chief Gary Warren.