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Leadership Tools 

360 Degree Feedback

This survey is offered to help the Participants (individuals in leadership positions) to get a better sense of  how they are perceived in the workplace. Individuals present their Supervisors, Peers, and Subordinates (survey respondents) with surveys to complete. The individual also completes a survey on him or herself - completing the circle. The results give a clearer picture of the job performance coming from each possible perspective.

Prospective Customers 360 Participants 360 Respondents
Organizations considering using the 360 Feedback Tool to improve leadership.

Prospective Customer's FAQs

Individuals on which the  assessment is being performed. The Participant also completes an on-line self-assessment.

360 Participant FAQs

Supervisors, Peers, and Direct Reports asked to complete an on-line assessment of the Participant. 

360 Respondent FAQs

Overview of the 360 Degree Feedback Toolset

Overview of the 360

The development of leadership is a continuous process as an individual gains experiences, assumes greater levels of responsibility, and faces a growing complexity of organizational problem solving demands. The 360 degree feedback assists in this development through two fundamental objectives. 

The first objective is on an individual level. For the individual, the process provides leaders with unique data perspectives of their abilities as viewed by their peers, subordinates, those in supervisory roles, and self-examination. The best use of these data for individuals is to design a personal development plan to address areas of concern surfaced through the assessment.

The second objective is to improve overall organizational performance. As an organizationís leaders develop their abilities to work, manage, and lead, the performance and attitudes of corresponding workgroups will improve. Therefore, the entire organization stands to benefit as individuals improve. More...

Why Gather this Data?

The capacity of an organization to effectively and efficiently achieve its objectives and move toward fulfilling its vision is a measure of its Organizational Capital. Fundamentally there are three domains of capital that need to be continuously developed to achieve a high level of Organizational Capital: Physical Capital (buildings, workstations, computers, etc.), Human Capital (hiring, training, retention, etc.), and Social Capital (social trusts, norms, and networks within the organization)

The three components used to build Organizational Capital are Internal, External, and Leadership. The 360 Feedback Toolset focusing on developing leadership within to organization.  More...

360 Methodology

The 360 Feedback Toolset uses a Multi-Rater system, as opposed to a Single-Rater system. In a Multi-Rater system, feedback comes from multiple sources - in this case from up to 20 of your supervisors, peers, and direct reports. This system offers many advantages when compared to a Single-Rater system where one person assesses an individual, usually a self-assessment. More...

Our Multi-Rater system offers: 

  • Reduced bias due to a larger respondent pool
  • A balanced view from different perspectives
  • Honest responses due to anonymity
  • Assessment by those who know and work closely with the individual
  • Present a fuller, multi-dimensional picture of the individual

The Five Leadership Areas

The data are grouped into five roles (Communicator, Leader, Manager, Facilitator and Professional) to provide a framework for understanding the information. These roles represent the most common facets exhibited by those in leadership positions in an organization and are comprised of the typical behaviors displayed for each role. As you move through the report, each role is further defined and the data analysis on items provides a targeted approach to 360 Personal Development Planning (360 PDP). After you review the data, the 360 PDP worksheets allow you to craft a 360 PDP that fits your individual expectations and concerns. More...

How much does it cost

Pricing is based on a per-participant basis. Pricing quotes are available on request by emailing or by phone (512) 471-9831. To obtain a quote, please contact our offices.


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