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Survey Participants

What is the Survey?

The Organizational Excellence Group offers state agencies and other organizations the opportunity to gather data from employees or customers in the form of several different surveys. By outsourcing the survey process, the organizations can remove any bias that may occur and insure anonymity of its respondents. Read more below about the type of survey you were invited to participate in.

Types of Surveys

Survey of Organizational Excellence
As organizations use The Survey, they enhance the ability of all participants to think about how the organization functions and what can be done to improve the organization. Such a process improves both the openness and responsibility of all members of the organization and moves it toward being a learning organization. 

Why Participate?
By participating in the Survey of Organizational Excellence, you can insure that your voice is heard. After completing the survey, you are encouraged to use our additional resources to continue your quest to improve your organization.

Will my employer be able to identify me?
No. Your agency has no way to track your responses back to you.  This is your opportunity to let your employer know how you feel while under the protection of anonymity (no identity).  The other thing to remember is that if you are uncomfortable with any item, you always have the option of not answering it. 

What will my organization do with the survey results?
The survey results are returned to the survey liaisons.  Please contact your survey liaison for more details about your particular organizationís plans. 

More Frequently Asked Questions...

Customer Service Surveys
The organization that contacted you is interested in delivering outstanding customer service and promoting excellence throughout its organization. To do so, it needs your help. You can let the organization know what it is doing right, and what areas they need to improve. 

360 Degree Feedback Surveys
The 360 Degree Feedback survey assists in developing leadership on the individual level and the organizational level, by providing leaders with unique data perspectives of their abilities as viewed by their peers, subordinates, those in supervisory roles, and through self-assessment. By participating in the   360 Feedback process you are helping individuals as well as the organization, since the entire organization stands benefit as individuals improve.

Custom Surveys
Some organizations have special needs in addition to the surveys above. The Organizational Excellence Group works closely with these organizations to create and administer custom surveys that all relate back to creating excellence within the organization.