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Forum 2002 - Texas Department of Human Services



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About the Presenter:

Anne Sapp 
Executive Deputy Commissioner 
Texas Department of Human Services (DHS) 

Anne Sapp is the Executive Deputy Commissioner of the Texas Department of Human Services (DHS). Ms. Sapp assists the Commissioner with the operations of an agency that serves more than two million Texans and has an annual budget of approximately $4 billion. DHS administers nearly three dozen state and federal programs for low-income Texans, including food stamps, nutrition programs for hungry children and adults, health care coverage for low-income households through the Medicaid program, access to community-based programs for the elderly and people with disabilities, and regulation of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Additionally, Ms. Sapp is the Executive Sponsor of the Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS) project. TIERS, when implemented, will provide a single, integrated system that will be used in delivering food, cash assistance, medical and aged and disabled services to Texans in need. Prior to assuming her current position, Ms. Sapp was the DHS Deputy Commissioner for Government Relations.

Prior to joining DHS in 1992, Ms. Sapp served in the Mississippi Governorís Office, in several positions. As Special Assistant for Health and Human Services, Ms. Sapp advised the Governor on emerging health and human services issues and served as the Governorís liaison for state and non-governmental health and human services organizations. In the position of Director of Policy Management, Ms. Sapp was the liaison for the state legislature, minority groups and agency heads, and managed issues research and development. Ms. Sapp served as Chair of the Welfare Reform Inter-Agency Council, which included state agency heads, and representatives of private and non-profit service agencies, and had oversight of the stateís welfare reform plan.

Ms. Sappís previous work experience includes Elementary School Teacher and Community Coordinator in the Office of Community Affairs, Boston Public Schools and Director of Development at Mississippi Industrial College.

Ms. Sapp received a bachelorís degree in sociology from Brandeis University, did graduate study in urban education at the University of Massachusetts, and studied education administration at Tufts University.

Ms. Sapp may be contacted at:
Texas Department of Human Services
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, Texas 78714-9030
(512) 438-4184