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Forum 2002 - Introduction to Forum 2002 Best Practices


  • Identify leading Organizational Efforts for the State of Texas
  • Generate Case Studies on Best Practices
  • Utilize Information Technology to Facilitate Dissemination and Adoption
  • Identify potential themes for the Governor's Conference on Organizational Excellence


The following products are provided. They are available for download in either PDF or Real Player Formats. Download PDF Reader or Real Player Free. 

  • Written Case Studies 
  • Digitally Recorded Presentations for Internet Access
  • Slide Presentations
  • Identification of Organizational Development Consultation

Presenting Organizations:


Video Presentation (Windows Media Player Version)

About the Presenter:

Michael Lauderdale, Ph.D
Principal Investigator
The Organizational Excellence Group

The Organizational Excellence Group is led by Michael Lauderdale, a Professor at UT with over 30 years experience in research and working with Texas State Government. Dr. Lauderdale has worked with the Governorís Office, the Legislative Budget Board, and provided testimony and documentation in support of research efforts to various legislative committees and governmental officials.