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Strategic Planning Guidelines

The Gov.'s Office of Budget & Planning (GOBP) and the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) published Instructions for Preparing and Submitting Agency Strategic Plans for Fiscal Years 2001-05 in February of 2000. Albert Hawkins, Director of the GOBP and John Keel, Director of the LBB addressed agency administrators about some of the changes, additions to supportive training, and the increased number of SOE participants.  They encouraged organizations to "use these tools as well as the technical assistance offered by our respective offices to expand your capacity to perform." (p.3)

The instructions included detailed explanations of  a number of new statutory and other requirements for state organizations.  Some of these new requirements included addition of an Information Resources Strategic Plan, customer service-related information, ABEST entry of performance measure definitions, identity in its External/Internal Assessment of each geographic region served, and a plan for receiving electronic payment of monies received through the Internet.  The Governor's commitment to improving state government is further highlighted at the Governor's Conference on Organizational Excellence, attended by agency administrators and board chairs.  The next conference is scheduled for November 9, 2001.

Under Other State Planning Requirements (p.24), there is the expectation that if organizations have other state planning requirements in addition to Chapter 2056 of the Government Code, their efforts and plans will be cross-referenced.  The format for the Assembly and Distribution of Plans (pp.25-6) is provided with the Survey of Organizational Excellence Results and Utilization Plans listed in Appendix F.  Results might also be cross-referenced in the External/Internal Assessment, agency non-budgetary goals, objectives and outcome measures.

In the Development Guide , the External/Internal Assessment is defined (p.34), specific statutory requirements listed and organizations "strongly encouraged to solicit comments from individuals and groups that have an interest in or affected by agency policies and programs" (p. 36).  Employee feedback on the organizations' efforts to identify and meet customer demands and needs is solicited in the SOE as well as perceptions about internal processes, accomplishments, opportunities for improvement, customer service issues, attitudes about the organization, and employee involvement and accountability.  These are all important topics for Self-evaluation and Opportunities for Improvement as noted in the External/Internal Assessment Outline (pp.73-75).  Appendix K (p.91) provides an overview of the Survey of Organizational Excellence, its development and contact information.

The full text of the LBB Strategic Planning Instructions (pdf file) are available for those seeking more detail and/or clarification.