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Policy & Research

The Survey Office provides in-depth information about relevant human resource issues to all participating and interested organizations.
Reinventing Texas Government, provides a detailed history of the survey, how to use it, and how to  apply its results to organizational change and improvement. Using real-life case studies, step-by-step instructions for planning, implementing, and evaluating the survey data are provided.

By Michael Lauderdale

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Focus on Employment Benefits (72 KB - 9 pages) 
Focus on Quality (73 KB - 8 pages) 
Stress, Burnout and Empowerment (53 KB - 6 pages)

Doctoral Dissertation Research Summaries
Employee Perceptions of Organizational Quality and Learned Helplessness Attributes in Higher Education.
Information Technology Impacts on Organizational Effectiveness in Human Service Organizations.
The Role of Followers in the Continuity of Change in Public Sector Organizations.

Strategic Planning Guidelines
The Survey of Organizational Excellence (SOE) is an important resource for the preparation of state organizations' strategic planning process as required by the Governor's Office of Budget & Planning (GOBP) and the Legislative Budget Board (LBB).  The survey can provide key information in many parts of the required external/internal assessment.  Survey participants are also requested to provide a synopsis of the most recent SOE results in Appendix K of their Strategic Plan.

Section 2113 of the Texas Government Code requires state agencies and institutions of higher learning to develop Customer Service standards and implement customer satisfaction plans.  These guidelines are also provided in the Strategic Planning Guidelines and require a separate report to the LBB.  The SOE Group can work with your organization to meet these standards. (See Customer Service)

Legislative Reports
           District Report
           Customer Service Report

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