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Functions of the Benchmarking Committee

One of the challenges of creating conditions that spur innovation and quality improvement in governmental services is the frequent difficulty in identifying a competitor against which one may compare or “benchmark”. Many government services exist in a monopolistic framework and the creation off competitors or a free market is difficult to establish or even conceptualize. For example, market alternatives for licensing automobile drivers, patrolling highways, assuring pure food and water, regulating custodial and health care for minors, etc. are not readily created or necessarily represented, when privatized, a superior potential for improvement. Even though privatization may be employed with some functions, such as custodial care of low risk felons, the state must maintain the sole responsibility for certain constitutional guarantees, such as due process and equal treatment.

The Survey of Organizational Excellence has created the Benchmarking Committee as a response to the necessarily monopolistic functions that must characterize many governmental services. The Committee membership, chosen from fields and organizations where high levels of competition, innovation and excellence exist, examines dimensions of state agencies against comparable dimensions found in their fields.

For example, how fully and completely any organization calls for and rewards outstanding work rather than average work can be compared across governmental and private business. Similarly, how well employees feel their organization responds to environmental challenges can be readily compared or benchmarked between governmental and private organizations. The Benchmarking Committee utilizes such relevant comparisons and provides some answers as to how state agencies compare to private organization on relevant dimensions. Moreover, the Committee helps emphasize the continuing innovation that must occur in state service as the Texas economy moves from a dependence upon the extraction of natural resources, such as lumbering and oil, to participating in a fiercely competitive world economy. In this economy where wealth is created through ideas, quality products and quality services, the success of the private sector is strongly dependent upon secure, tranquil and healthy communities and a highly educated and responsible citizenry. 

Benchmark Group

Our Benchmark Group was created to advise us on how leading industries use data to enhance the capabilities of human resources and improve upon the quality of products and services.

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Keith Brewer
Strategist, Americas
Manufacturing Quality


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John Opperman

Div. of Budget & Planning
Office of the Governor

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Leo Dunn
Staff Vice President for
Corporate Services

Mark Curry
Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo
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Norman Chenven
Austin Regional Clinic
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Michael Kelly
University of Missouri
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Barbara White
Professor and Dean
The University of Texas
School of Social Work
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Blair Labatt
Labatt Food Service
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Woody Gilliland
Abilene Regional
Medical Center
    logottara.gif (1925 bytes)
Dale Craymer
Chief Economist
Texas Taxpayers and
Research Association