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Excellence Series

The Organizational Excellence Group specializes in

redbullet.gif (138 bytes) Human Resource Assessment
redbullet.gif (138 bytes) Leadership Tools
redbullet.gif (138 bytes) Customer Satisfaction Data Collection
redbullet.gif (138 bytes) Customized Survey Research

We provide expert service and valued benchmark resources in the areas of organizational climate and human resource assessment, evaluation of customer service needs, and customized survey research tailored to meet your individual needs. We utilize the latest data collection and data processing systems to rapidly and accurately return your needed data.

The Three-Legged Stool
A way to understand organizations is to think of a three-legged stool. The seat of the stool is the organization and it rests on three legs. One leg is leadership. Leadership consists of the vision that originally created the organization and the leadership that maintains the organization today. A second leg is external data. What are the goals and activities of the organization? What does it require from the environment and what does it provide to secure its continued existence? How do customers of the organization view the organization? Who are the competitors and what are their characteristics? The third leg is internal data. What are the motivations and commitments of the people that work in the organization? How creative are they? How thorough do they perform their tasks? Do they innovate? Are they dedicated? How well are the resources of time, money, people and opportunity used? Read more about the Three-Legged Stool...

Survey of Organizational Excellence
The Survey assists organizational leadership by providing information about work force issues that impact the quality of service ultimately delivered to all customers. The data provide information not only about employees' perceptions of the effectiveness of their own organization, but also about employees' satisfaction with their employer.

Customer Surveys
This site provides information and addresses questions regarding the customer assessment of services provided by your organization.  Our objective is to develop both customer service assessment tools and corresponding data collection procedures that assist you towards delivering outstanding customer service and promoting excellence throughout your organization.

Leadership Tools
The development of leadership is a continuous process as an individual gains experiences, assumes greater levels of responsibility, and faces a growing complexity of organizational problem solving demands.

Custom Survey Projects
View past illustrations of surveys and see examples of the types of questions we can do.

Benchmarking Committee
The Survey of Organizational Excellence has created the Benchmarking Committee as a response to the necessarily monopolistic functions that must characterize many governmental services. The Committee membership, chosen from fields and organizations where high levels of competition, innovation and excellence exist, examines dimensions of state agencies against comparable dimensions found in their fields.