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The Higher Education Excellence Survey was created in a partnership with institutional researchers, faculty, and staff from institutions of high learning. This survey is based on the established Survey of Organizational Excellence, and is tailored specifically to fit the unique needs of the Higher Education community. The following 84 questions appear on the survey, along with key demographic items. The survey can be customized with up to 20 additional items, specific to your institution.  The survey is also available in Spanish. 

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Item #

Item Text

1 We are constantly improving our services.
2 Our goals are consistently met or exceeded.
3 We provide high quality programs and services.
4 We develop services to match the needs of those we serve.
5 My performance is evaluated fairly.
6 My supervisor is consistent when administering employee policies.
7 Every employee is valued.
8 We work to attract, develop, and retain people with diverse backgrounds.
9 We have adequate computer resources, (hardware and software).
10 Information systems are in place and accessible for me to get my job done.
11 Information is shared as appropriate with other organizations.
12 The right information gets to the right people at the right time.
13 We integrate information and act intelligently upon that information.
14 The work atmosphere encourages open and honest communication.
15 We feel the channels we must go through at work are reasonable.
16 Work groups or committees are trained to incorporate the opinions of each member.
17 Work groups or committees receive adequate feedback that helps improve performance.
18 We have an opportunity to participate in the goal setting process.
19 Decision making and control are given to employees doing the actual work.
20 We seem to be working toward the same goals.
21 There is a sense of trust throughout the organization.
22 We are given the opportunity to do our best work.
23 I feel a sense of pride when I tell people that I work for this institution.
24 The amount of work that is expected of me is reasonable.
25 We are efficient.
26 Outstanding work is recognized.
27 There is a real feeling of teamwork.
28 We feel that our efforts count.
29 We are encouraged to learn from our mistakes.
30 We have adequate resources to do our jobs.
31 We are given accurate feedback about our performance.
32 When possible, alternative work schedules (flex-time, compressed work weeks, job sharing, telecommuting) are offered to us.
33 Learning opportunities or training are made available for personal growth and development.
34 Learning opportunities or training are made available for professional growth or skills development.
35 We have access to information about job opportunities, conferences, workshops, and training.
36 My supervisor is supportive of my career goals.
37 We have sufficient procedures to ensure the safety of employees in the workplace.
38 Our workplace is well maintained.
39 Within my workplace, there is a feeling of community.
40 The environment supports a balance between work and personal life.
41 The pace of the work in this organization enables me to do a good job.
42 My job meets my expectations.
43 We balance our focus on both long range and short term goals.
44 My ideas and opinions count at work.
45 People who challenge the status quo are valued.
46 Work groups or committees are involved in making work processes more effective.
47 The people I work with treat each other with respect.
48 The appropriate information is shared with the public.
49 Favoritism (special treatment) is not an issue in raises and promotions.
50 Our employees are generally ethical in the workplace.
51 I am confident that any ethics violation I report will be properly handled.
52 Harassment is not tolerated at my workplace.
53 I am satisfied with the opportunities I have to evaluate my supervisorís performance.
54 When possible, problems are solved before they become a crisis.
55 We use feedback from those we serve to improve our performance.
56 I believe we will use the information from this survey to improve our performance.
57 I have regular involvement (once a month or more) in community activities or groups.
58  People are paid fairly for the work they do.
59 Salaries are competitive with similar positions in the community or at comparable institutions.
60 Benefits can be selected to meet individual needs.
61 I understand my benefits plan.
62 Benefits are comparable to those offered in other jobs.
63 My pay keeps pace with the cost of living.
64 Changes in benefits and compensation packages have been explained during the last two years.
65 I am satisfied with my continuing education/training opportunities.
66 I am satisfied with my medical insurance.
67 I am satisfied with my sick leave.
68 I am satisfied with my vacation.
69 I am satisfied with my retirement.
70 I am satisfied with my dental insurance.
71 I am satisfied with my vision insurance.
72 I am satisfied with my holiday benefit.
73 I am satisfied with my Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.).
74 Information and knowledge are shared openly within this organization.
75 An effort is made to get the opinions of people throughout the organization.
76 We work well with other organizations.
77 We work well with our governing bodies (the legislature, the boards of regents, etc.).
78 We work well with the public.
79 We understand the state, local, national and global issues that impact this organization.
80 We know how our work impacts other employees.
81 Our web site is easy to use and contains helpful information.
82 I have a good understanding of our mission, vision, and strategic plan.
83 I believe we communicate our mission effectively to the public.
84 My organization encourages me to be involved in my community.