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Survey of Organizational Excellence

About the SOE
The Survey focuses upon fully utilizing an organization's human resources to build viable institutions, businesses, communities, and economies that will serve us in a new century.  This web page provides a description of the Survey, its development, use as a tool for organizational change, and a history of the survey.

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Why Participate?
The Survey assists organizational  leadership by providing information about work force issues that impact the quality of service ultimately delivered to all customers.  The data provide information not only about employees' perceptions of the effectiveness of their own organization, but also about employees' satisfaction with their employer.  Understanding issues such as the perceived comparability of the pay and employment benefit package is vital to attracting and retaining a competitive workforce.

How to Participate:

If you would like to use the SOE in your organization, please fill out the Contact Us form and simply return it via the Web.

SOE Guide
The Survey of Organizational Excellence Guide is used to effectively administer and utilize the survey in your organization.  The Guide is divided into five sections.  The initial section, participation, begins the process and continues clockwise through intervention.  Feel free to follow the cycle from start to finish or explore various components.  

Preparation and Customization
Contains instructions on how to prepare and customize the survey prior to administration of the instrument.   Also, a sample procedure that illustrates the Survey Online is available.

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