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Why Participate?

Participation in the Survey process indicates quite clearly that the leadership of an organization wants to engage employees towards improving the organization. It says that every employee has a vital role to play and must carry out this role to the best of his/her abilities all of the time. It says that every employee must think continually for better, more efficient ways of getting work done. It says that the organization calls for openness and candor among all its employees and urges continuous teamwork to build quality.

Participation in this type of assessment also serves several other purposes.  For example, the assessment of human resources is frequently required by certification and accreditation purposes.  Moreover, the Survey is both an empowerment and accountability tool. It gives the employees the power to assess their own organization. Survey procedures return the summarized data to leadership, which, in turn, makes sure every individual sees how others assess the strengths and weaknesses. The Survey provides an organizational summary of what is done well and what employees feel needs improvement. But, the design of the Survey then demands accountability from every employee in that the data are used with leadership and membership to develop strategies and priorities on what requires improvement and how best to intervene.  

The Survey has enjoyed the support of both the past Governors of Texas and continues to be an encouraged process by the current Governor. A listing of our customer organizations indicating their participation in the survey process is also available.