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The Leadership Program


In 1998 faculty of the University of Texas at Austin and officers and civilian personnel of the Austin began an effort to build a set of courses that would initiate planned changed in the Austin Police Department including the opportunity to build continuous learning and degree securing opportunities for all personnel. The intent of the effort was to create a structure that would initially serve the Austin Police Department then gradually extend availability to other law enforcement entities and related professions. The site presents curricula materials, schedule and participants in Leadership 2000 and 2001. 

Faculty for the class are Michael Lauderdale, Professor in the School of Social Work  and Howard Prince II, Visiting Professor in the LBJ School of Public Affairs  at the University. Detective troy Officer serves as the APD Coordinator for this Program. The Coordinator for 2001 was Detective Craig Howard and for 2000, Detective Sean Mannix and for 2002, Detective Troy Officer.





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