Resource Directory of Evidence-Based and Other Practices

This Resource Directory provides users with a single-entry point to locate information on evidence-based and other behavioral health practices identified by authoritative organizations using rigorous review processes. Each organization has their own definition and process for determining if the practice is “evidence-based”, “promising”, “model”, or other, therefore the definitions vary. This Resource Directory serves as a link to existing practice inclusion descriptions and research/evidence criteria and is not intended to offer any new definition or to set criteria of what constitutes an “evidence-based” practice.


Mental Health Promotion: Children and Adolescents |  Adults

Mental Health Treatment: Children and AdolescentsAdults

Substance Abuse Prevention: Children and Adolescents |  Adults

Substance Abuse Treatment: Children and Adolescents |  Adults

Co-Occurring Disorders: Children and Adolescents | Adults

Each resource is presented in a way that facilitates the users’ search for evidence-based and other practices. The following information is presented (when available) for each resource:

  • Name of resource
  • Sponsoring agency
  • Link directly to resource to begin searching for practices/programs
  • Behavioral health topics addressed (MH Promotion, MH Treatment, SA Prevention, SA Treatment, Co-occurring Disorders)
  • Age groups
  • Settings
  • Areas of interest (e.g., alcohol, homelessness)
  • Special population (e.g., court-involved youth, specific ethnic groups)
  • Practice/program outcome information
  • Practice/program cost information
  • Research/evidence criteria used to select programs
  • Information about obtaining practice/program materials
  • Any additional information about the resource that may be helpful to users


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