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Robert Harrison
Rob Harrison, CTR Deputy Director

Selected Interagency Contracts

The Dallas IAC

The Dallas IAC is a multifaceted program of   innovative technical services provided during the planning, design, construction, and maintenance phases of projects. These services range from construction schedule monitoring to pavement forensic studies to economic impact analysis. In addition, new systems and models have been developed under the IAC including a lane closure guidance  system, a traffic impacts model, a project development scheduling (PDS) system, 4D/CAD model, and a constructability lessons learned system. Many of these CTR innovations have successfully evolved to become statewide programs. The program is headed by Nabeel Khwaja.

Network Modeling Center

This center’s mission is to provide quantitative technical input on system-level impacts of a wide range of transportation planning decisions, including roadway improvements, emissions reduction strategies, and transit operations/ridership programs.  In collaboration with other governmental agencies in the central Texas region, the center will augment the four-step process (trip generation, distribution, mode split, and traffic assignment) with network-level dynamic traffic representation. This new center creates an opportunity for cross-sharing of expertise and training among the numerous governments, agencies, and organizations involved in Texas transportation planning. The program is managed by Jen Duthie.

Intercity Passenger & High-Speed Rail

This project was initiated in response to a presidential and federal initiative undertaken by many states to review their rail policies. The program is overseen by C. Michael Walton and Jolanda Prozzi. The first task of the project was to create an extensive bibliography and set of technical reports on Texas, US, and international experiences of passenger and high-speed rail. The final task was a complete revision and update to the Texas Rail Plan. This document was approved by the Texas Transportation Commission in 2010 and is available on the TxDOT Website as the Texas State Rail Plan.

Mega-Region Freight Issues in Texas

This project studies the network of interconnected cities, such as the Texas Triangle, to understand how to apply the mega-region concepts to problems such as modal congestion, development disparity, and air pollution that metropolitan areas or cities cannot solve individually. The goal is to apply mega-region theory in a way that will complement TxDOT planning, especially at the state transportation level, to promote economic growth, federal support, and private sector investment. This initiative will allow Texas to compete with other states using mega-regional planning for large-scale systems, green infrastructure, and economic development. The project is managed by Robert Harrison.

Laredo Border Master Plan

This study will help to prepare a master plan that covers all points of entry (POEs) and infrastructure related to transit that crosses the Texas border. Tasks include studying capacity and levels of congestion on roadways or rail tracks and its impact on other modes of transport of goods and passengers. The project’s goal is to design an inclusive stakeholder agency involvement process, increase understanding among those stakeholders, and implement a plan to prioritize POE projects to ensure coordination on POE and supporting transportation infrastructure needs. The project is managed by Jolanda Prozzi.

The Austin IAC

The Austin IAC provides technical assistance to TxDOT’s Austin District with a series of identified tasks, serving in many respects as a staff extension. The eight tasks on the contract primarily relate to construction management and traffic operations. Construction-related tasks include workload analysis improving workload analysis and construction scheduling and estimating. Traffic operations tasks include evaluation of ITS strategies and miscellaneous traffic studies. The program is managed by Khali Persad.

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