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Product Deliverables

For general information or any questions about TxDOT deliverables, including deadlines and procedures, please call Maureen Kelly at 232-3128 or send an email.

What is a product?

Products are defined by the sponsor as implementation deliverables. A product can be many things:

Printed Products

Printed products are often turned in as Word drafts; upon content approval, the CTR production department takes the content and designs a delivery document such as a color brochure. As each product is individual, it is recommended that authors meet with production staff to discuss their options for design and printing of the product deliverable.

Products on CD-ROM

Turn in your CD-ROM product to the CTR Production office when it is ready to be submitted to the sponsor. CTR will have the CD duplicated and labeled for the sponsor's evaluation of the draft.

Products in a Report

Some products are contained within a report. An example would be a matrix, a chapter that covers specifications, or an appendix that is printed data. If your product deliverables table states that a product is in a report, make sure that you specify the products and their location within the report. For example, in the front matter of the report near the Acknowledgement section, type "Product 1, Specifications, can be found on page 71 in Chapter 6."

Intangible Products

Some products will be documented in a letter sent by CTR to TxDOT. This would include documenting a training event or listing a Web site URL in the official transmittal.Please send e-mail to CTR production staff or to contract staff telling them of the delivery of such products. CTR is required to keep TxDOT informed of all product delivery.

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