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Field School and volunteer opportunities at Metaponto or Crotone in Southern Italy

Purpose and Duration. In the summer of 2008 the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin, in close collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendency (Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici) for Basilicata or Calabria, will conduct a season of intensive field survey in the ancient chora (agricultural territory) of a Greco-Roman city of Southern Italy, either Metapontum or Croton, both located on the Ionian coast in the modern regions of Basilicata and Calabria. The field survey project examines selected portions of the landscape on foot; the concentrations of ceramic and stone artifacts frequently encountered on the surface are sampled, described, and analyzed in order to reconstruct the patterns of habitation and activity in the ancient landscape in all of its significant phases: initial prehistoric settlement, flourishing Greek colony, reduced Roman outpost, depopulated Medieval backwater, and revived Post-medieval feudal territory.

Focus and Scope. Participation in the project is intended to familiarize students with the broad issues of landscape archaeology and topographic studies (for example, regional geology and geomorphology, settlement preferences), the theory and methods of archaeological field survey (crew size and disposition, site formation and recognition, documentation, etc.), artifact processing (cleaning, description, and classification), and the application of geospatial technologies for the organization, manipulation, and visualization of survey-related data in digital formats (Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

Applicant Selection. No prior experience in any particular subject is presumed or required, and the directors encourage applications from UT undergraduates and graduates in any field with relevance to the project's scope and mission, including (but not limited to): Anthropology, Archaeology, Art/Art History, Classics, Geography, Geology, and History. The project is seeking only 3-4 student volunteers, undergraduate and graduate; the application process is therefore likely to be competitive. Undergraduate students may wish to enroll in the optional field school, organized as a course for academic credit through the University of Texas.

Expenses and Course Credit. ICA will provide full room and board and local transportation for all participants for the duration of the project. Participants must cover their own travel expenses to and from Metaponto (the staging-point for both projects), as well as all incidental expenses during their stay. Those enrolled in the field school must also pay tuition and fees to UT (approximately $700 for Texas residents, approximately $1400 for non-residents). All applicants to the field school are encouraged to investigate possibilities for funding or financial aid offered by UT.

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