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Field survey at Metaponto and Crotone
Summer 2008

Project Summary and Details

Director of ICA and Project Director:
Prof. Joseph Coleman Carter, University of Texas at Austin.

Periods of occupation: Prehistoric, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Modern.

Season dates: TBA

Project highlights: intensive exploration and documentation of an archaeologically rich and varied landscape threatened by agricultural development and illegal excavation; familiarization with a broad range of artifacts from all periods; introduction to the use of geospatial technologies.

Minimum length of stay for volunteers: 4 weeks (full season).

Minimum age: 18.

Experience required: None. All volunteers and students will receive basic on-site training in field survey theory and methods, artifact analysis, and geospatial technologies.

Necessary Forms for Accepted Students

Please download the Microsoft Word application and release, complete them, sign them, and either mail or fax the documents to ICA at the address or number below. As an alternative, you may email (as an attachment) a scanned copy with your signatures, preferably as a PDF file to:

How to Apply

University of Texas students who wish to participate as volunteers must submit the following materials:

1. A statement of interest (in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF) in the form of a letter addressed to Dr. Joseph C. Carter. The letter should include (1) a personal introduction, (2) a description of your interests, (3) an explanation of how your interests and experiences are related to work at Metaponto, (4) how you would hope to benefit from participation, and (5) the names and contact information (preferably telephone number and e-mail address) of two persons who know you and your work (supervisors, professors, employers) and are willing to act as personal references. Email the statement as an attachment to the contact person below.

2. An up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae (c.v.)   in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. Email it as an attachment to .

ICA will confirm the receipt of your application, review it, and contact you again in March when decisions have been made.

Contact Information

Esmeralda Moscatelli, 2008 Coordinator

Institute of Classical Archaeology
The University of Texas at Austin
MCC Building R1500
3925 West Braker Lane Ste. 1.406
Austin, Texas 78759
tel. 512-232-9321
fax 512-232-9324

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