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Chapter 1


1.1    Background

1.2    Overview of Chapters in Revised Text

1.2.1    Chapter 2: Attenuation Due to Trees: Static Case
1.2.2    Chapter 3: Attenuation Due to Roadside Trees: Mobile Case
1.2.3    Chapter 4: Signal Degradation for Line-of-Sight Communications
1.2.4    Chapter 5: Fade and Non-Fade Durations and Phase Spreads
1.2.5    Chapter 6: Polarization, Antenna Gain, and Diversity Considerations
1.2.6    Chapter 7: Investigations from Different Countries
1.2.7    Chapter 8: Earth-Satellite Propagation Effects Inside Buildings (NEW)
1.2.8    Chapter 9: Maritime-Mobile Satellite Propagation Effects (NEW)
1.2.9    Chapter 10: Optical Methods for Assessing Fade Margins for Shadowing, Blockage and Clear Line-of-Sight Conditions (NEW)
1.2.10  Chapter 11: Theoretical Modeling Considerations
1.2.11  Chapter 12: Recommendations for Further Investigations

1.3    Mobile Satellite Handbook on the Web

1.3.1    Contents on the Home Page
1.3.2    From Table of Contents to Viewing a Chapter Text
1.3.3    Downloading a Chapter into a PDF File for Printout or Saving into a File
1.3.4    Communicating with the Authors

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