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Chapter 8

Earth-Satellite Propagation Effects Inside Buildings

8.2    Satellite Radio Reception Inside Buildings from 700 MHz to 1800 MHz

8.2.1    Experimental Features
8.2.2    Multipath Interference During Frequency and Position Sweep
8.2.3    Time Delay Distributions
8.2.4    Cumulative Distributions of Signal Levels
8.2.5    Frequency Dependence of Probability
8.2.6    Space Diversity Considerations
8.2.7    Bandwidth Distortion Considerations

8.3    Slant-Path Building Penetration Measurements at L- and S-Band

8.3.1    Experimental Description
8.3.2    Stability of Measurement
8.3.3    Space Variability
8.3.4    Frequency Variability

8.4    Slant-Path Building Attenuation Measurements from 0.5 to 3 GHz

8.4.1    Experimental Description
8.4.2    Average Signal Levels over Frequency Band and Positions
8.4.3    Distance and Frequency Dependence
8.4.4    Spatial Autocorrelation Characteristics
8.4.5    Relative Signal Loss Versus Frequency

8.5    Building Attenuation at UHF, L- and S-Band Via Earth-Satellite Measurements

8.5.1    Experimental Results

8.6    Attenuation of 900 MHz Radio Waves by Metal Building

8.7    Summary and Concluding Remarks

8.7.1    Required Fade Margins
8.7.2    Fading Dependence on Frequency
8.7.3    Fading Effects Due to Antenna Position
8.7.4    Effects Caused by the Human Body

8.8    References

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