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How to Get a Paper Copy

If you would like a printed copy of this document, you can download *.pdf (portable document format) files. You can view or print the *.pdf files using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Currently available files are:

Title and Table of Contents (100 KB)
Chapter 1:    Introduction (42 KB)
Chapter 2:    Attenuation Due to Trees: Static Case (174 KB)
Chapter 3:    Attenuation Due to Roadside Trees: Mobile Case (361 KB)
Chapter 4:    Signal Degradation for Line-of-Sight Communications (122 KB)
Chapter 5:    Fade and Non-Fade Durations and Phase Spreads (160 KB)
Chapter 6:    Polarization, Antenna Gain and Diversity Considerations (138 KB)
Chapter 7:    Investigations from Different Countries (324 KB)
Chapter 8:    Earth-Satellite Propagation Effects Inside Buildings (1,068 KB)
Chapter 9:    Maritime-Mobile Satellite Propagation Effects (199 KB)
Chapter 10:  Optical Methods for Assessing Fade Margins (302 KB)
Chapter 11:  Theoretical Modeling Considerations (268 KB)
Chapter 12:  Recommendations for Further Investigations (182 KB)
Index (27 KB)

The entire document can also be obtained at once:

Handbook of Propagation Effects for Vehicular and Personal Mobile Satellite Systems (3,695 KB)

In addition, multiple printed, bound hard copies will eventually be available for a nominal cost from JPL's Library, Archives, and Records Section.

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