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Julius Goldhirsh

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Dr. Goldhirsh received his B.S.E.E. from Drexel Institute of Technology (presently Drexel University), Philadelphia, PA, the M.S.E.E. from Rutgers State University, New Brunswick, NJ, and the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. He joined the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University and for 14 years was the Group Supervisor of the Space Geophysics Group in the Space Department. He is presently a staff scientist in the Air Defense Systems Department.

Since 1972, Dr. Goldhirsh has been active in research dealing with propagation effects due to rain, trees, and obstacles for earth-satellite communication scenarios, radar measurements and modeling of precipitation, and satellite remote sensing of precipitation. He is also presently active in propagation research dealing with refractive and other environmental effects for over-water and over-terrain point to point communications. Since 1985, he has been a part-time lecturer at The Johns Hopkins University (Part-Time Programs in Engineering and Applied Science), where he teaches a graduate course on radio wave propagation.

Dr. Goldhirsh is a life-fellow of the IEEE. During the period 1994-1996, he was chairman of Commission F (Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing in Non-Ionized Media) of the U.S. National URSI (International Union of Radio Science).

Wolfhard J. Vogel

Picture of Julius Goldhirsh

Dr. Vogel attended the Technical University of Berlin, Germany before receiving his M.S. and  Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas. He is Associate Director of the Electrical Engineering Research Laboratory (EERL) of The University of Texas at Austin.

Since 1974, Dr. Vogel has had governmental and industrial support for performing satellite-earth wave propagation research, moving from rain attenuation and depolarization effects at frequencies above 10 GHz to fading effects due to shadowing and multipath for land-mobile and personal satellite communications at frequencies from UHF to K-Band. He is also involved in vector-channel propagation measurements made with the University of Texas "smart" antenna testbed.

Dr. Vogel is a Fellow of the IEEE and a past Chairman for Commission F of the US National Committee of URSI (International Union of Radio Science, Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing) for the years 1997 through 1999. He is an Associate Editor for Radio Science.

The authors can be reached at
Dr. Julius Goldhirsh 
Applied Physics Laboratory 
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel MD  20723-6099 
Tel: (240) 228-5042 
Fax: (978) 428-5518 
E-mail: julius_goldhirsh@jhuapl.edu
Dr. Wolfhard J. Vogel 
EERL/The University of Texas 
10100 Burnet Road 
Austin, TX  78758 
Tel: (512) 413-9182 
Fax: (630) 604-5362 
E-mail: wolf_vogel@mail.utexas.edu

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